Dischordia (lydiamorgan) wrote in velvetlondon,

hey party kids...

Sick to the back teeth of turkey? Gonna puke if you see another sprout? Hmm. Sounds like you need break from the christmas grind - and VELVET is gonna give it to ya, ready or not...

MARVEL!! At the sounds by DJ's Dischordia and Suicide Ally!
GASP!! At the grace of our pole and stage dancers!
DROOL!! At the long(ish) awaited WET TSHIRT COMPETITION!! Hey ladies! Think your baps are the hottest in town? Well why not put your money where your mouth is and enter our wet t-shirt competition, for prizes including booze, VIP passes and...oh yes...a £50 Agent Provocateur voucher.
You know it makes sense.

Entry £5 with flyer £7 without
Drinks special all night on Red Stripe or Stella Artois and vodka and mixer
9.30pm til 2.30 am
Madame Jojo's, 8 Brewer St London W1
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