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Velvet London

Do you want to come...for a ride

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VELVET LONDON was a weekly club held on sundays at Madam Jojo's, playing sleazy cheesy disco-sex tunes, electro-trashy eleclecto-clash synth-pop from hell and nasty tunes for nasty boys n grrls whose bedtime was two days ago.
NOW it's back and it's bigger and badder than ever, on the first friday of the month at the Bar Academy Islington. Originally one of the seminal L.A. clubs run by www.evilclubempire.com's Bruce Perdew, it has been so successful that we've decided to spread to swingin' London. Pole dancers shimmy, tequila girls slam and with regular events such as wet t-shirt competitions, drag strippers and jelly-wrestling, how can you say no?
Resident DJ's are ex-Full Tilt Dischordia and Stay Beautiful's Suicide Ally, with weekly guests on rotation
I am your host, lydiamorgan...

...do you want to come for a ride?